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Triathlon History, News and Most Prestigious Race Events

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After all, this is one of the most popular sports in the world – there are many triathletes from throughout the world, and the reason for this is pretty simple. It takes courage to be great at one sport, but how about being great at 3 sports at the same time? Pretty astounding, right?

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The History of Triathlons: The First Triathlon

Many people aren’t really informed about the history of triathlon, but it is a rather interesting and important one. Did you know that triathlon’s history dates back to the early 1970s. Namely, it started thanks to the San Diego Track Club. At that time, the triathlon was meant and seen as an alternative to hard track training. The first ever triathlon event was held on September 25, 1974.

This event resulted in the first pioneers in the history of the sport – Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone As you’d suggest, the event’s sponsor was the San Diego Track Club.

At that time, the triathlon included a 10 km run, 8 km cycle, and 500 m swim.

It took almost 20 years later, when in 1989, the sport was awarded Olympic status. The first time we ever saw triathlon on the Olympic Games was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in Australia. Ever since then, the sport has gained so much popularity on an international level. More importantly, it was one of the fastest growing sports in terms of popularity. Ever since then, we see it as one of the most important and well-recognized sports worldwide.

Most Popular UK Triathlon Events

One of the most interesting things about the United Kingdom is that it simply adores triathlon. This is exactly why people from all cities participate and follow the UK triathlon events. And not just that, the UK Triathlon events are being watched by the international sports fans. For instance, some of the most popular events like the Bloodwise Blenheim, the IronMan, the Royan Windsor, the IronMan 70.3 Staffordshire, the AJ Bell London and the Castle to Coast UK triathlon events are the main purpose why some people spice things up and end up doing some sports betting for fun.

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What Does a Mini Triathlon Consist Of?

Probably one of the most recognized types of triathlons amongst beginners is the mini-triathlon. Basically, just like a regular triathlon, the mini-triathlon consists of three different activities and the triathletes compete in those activities.

However, unlike traditional triathlon, the mini-triathlon or the sprint-tri includes a half-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride and three-mile run, in that order. Of course, the distances might vary depending on the race and course, or sometimes they can vary depending on the age of the participants.

Triathlon Tips for Complete Beginners

Whether you are a beginner who has no idea about triathlons or if you are an expert that simply wants to go over the basics – this part is for you. If you want to train to be great at it at one point, you need to have a good training routine.

First of all you need to train for consistency which is why aerobic fitness is very important. We’d suggest you to swim, ride a bike, and run most days of the week, for at least 3 – 4 months. After doing this, we assure you, you’ll have the training to finish a triathlon race.

Second of all, you need to work on your recovery. You need to set up a routine of having a rest-day, and you need to scale back your training with a lighter volume every 3-6 weeks. Besides giving your body the rest it needs, this also reduces the chances of you injuring yourself badly.

Last but especially not least – train your brain. Being mentally fit is really important, especially since there will be ups and downs during your training. This is why you need to find a meditation technique, or at least something that will help you how to breathe through your thoughts. Having positive attitude also helps a lot, especially since it gives you the boost you need to start the race in the first place.