Triathlon Events and Competitions

Triathlon: 11 races to do once in a lifetime and how to prepare.
Swim, cycle, run: the triathlon gathers more and more fans. Men and women, professional or budding athletes. It is a “trendy” sport where you do not fight against opponents but first of all against yourself. But what are the most beautiful races around the world? And is there a way to train while in town?

Myth is fatigue — swimming, cycling, and running – to do in sequence and without interruption. The triathlon contains the three most loved and practiced disciplines-three perfect sports to get back in shape. Suit even the least talented athletes. And women who practice them more and more. Born in the Seventies on the beaches of California, today triathlon is a trendy sport. In Italy alone, hundreds of competitions are held every year. There are different types of races: the triathlon “Classic,” the so-called “Olympic” whose distances are in the programs of the Games, is disputed on 1500 meters by swimming, on 40 km by bike and finally, on 10 km of running. The hardest race of all is the Ironman: 3.8 km by swimming (as the Strait of Messina), 180 km by bike, and 42 km and 195 meters of running. For the less experienced there is the” mini-triathlon”: 200 meters by swimming, 4 km by bike and 1000 meters of running.


Triathlon is the only sport where both upper and lower limbs are used, but also back, abdomen, pelvis, and diaphragm. Let’s assume that you can become triathletes even having a family, a job, or little free time. The important thing is to train continuously. And if the lake, the road, and the park are not at hand, you can prepare the same.

At the tri60, futuristic gym in Milan, opened just over a year (in via Domenico spoons, 4), of which is a sponsor Aqua Sphere (a leading brand in the fields of recreational swimming, fitness in water and triathlon, you can do an indoor swimming-bike-race. With the help of experts who teach the correct technique of the three gestures and the countless data that are collected, you can start, for example, with the 10 kilometers of the simulated route of the 70.3 of Chia; run on the latest generation treadmills and finally dive into the two “endless pools” that simulate swimming in open water.

But what are the most beautiful and spectacular triathlon races? From the hard “Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon” in the middle of the Norwegian fjords to the one where he escapes from the prison and the most famous in the world, the “Escape from Alcatraz.” The famous one which is reserved for women, the “Title 9 Triathlon” of Massachusetts to “Nautica Malibu Triathlon” where you can cross the actors more in the form of Hollywood: in the gallery (which you can find at the top), we collected 11 triathlons to do at least once in your life.