Capernwray Aquathons

MyTriEvents open water aquathon races are back during the summer of 2017. Family friendly events, this is your opportunity to combine the joy of swimming and running.

Featuring a 500m open water swim followed by a 5km run, these events provide an ideal opportunity for you to test yourself against the clock, particularly if you’re looking to step into the world of open water triathlon. Indeed, the aquathon series is open to swimmers and runners of all abilities.

Register your entry and bring the family along to watch, there is free parking, an on site cafe with viewing area and always has a lovely friendly atmosphere. Full shower, changing facilities and safety cover. You can also enter as a pair, so if you have a mate you would like to buddy up with to complete either the swim or the run, then get them involved. Minimum age 14 years.

The Swim (500m)

The clockwise route is marshaled by kayakers, they will be on hand to ensure your safety as well as providing much needed encouragement. Wetsuits are recommend although we also welcome swimmers wishing to take on the challenge without one. If you would like to hire a wetsuit this can be arranged by e-mailing us.

The Run (5km)

Once out of the water, you’re straight into transition, where you will be able to quickly ditch the wetsuit and don your trainers. You then get to take on fully way marked 5km route along the canal path.

Water Safety / Marshals 

There is minimum of two paddlers on the water one will lead the group round the course while the other floats at the back. Capernwray Dive Centre staff are on hand floating in the middle of the quarry in their rescue rib to assist should there be the need. A minimalist approach to marshals on the run section helps keep costs down so please ensure you take a look at the map provided. If you would like to assist in the marshaling in exchange for a future free place please make contact.


Registration takes place in the centers cafe from 17:30 – 18:45. You will be issued with a race number to be written with marker pen on your arm and leg, you will also be given a coloured swim cap and finally a timing chip to be worn on your left ankle.

Timing / Results

Two timing stamps will be collected from your chip as you pass over the timing mats, one at the swim exit and the second as you pass under the finishing arch. We will endeavour to publish results before 08:00 the following morning, hopefully allowing for analysis over breakfast!