Lancaster Duathlon 4th March 2017

Welcome to Lancaster Duathlon based at GreenLands Farm Village. A great family friendly venue with cafe, soft play center and of course the farm. Free parking for competitors and supporters. Greenlands Farm is situated just off of junction 35 of the M6.

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Unfortunately we cannot recognise all age categories. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Male, Female will be awarded vouchers as well as the 1st Male, Female Vet (over 40) Custom awards will be presented in the cafe at 13:00 along with spot prizes. Every competitor is entitled to use our 15% off Zone3 product voucher.


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Those who have race our midweek events at Capernwray will be familiar with the bike route. An undulating one lap course with some great views over the surrounding countryside.
The 5km run route is suited more to trail shoes, passing over the two county boarders, Lancashire and Cumbria. Kind permission from Greenlands Farm has been granted to run through the fields up to Cinderbarrow Lane which is the only short piece of road running you will experience. There are then some beautiful views and interesting items to watch out for whilst running along the old canal path. Of course we wanted to provide you with some steps so we have found 37 strategically placed for you which will join you onto the path near GreenLands Farm.  You will then run along the lane and retrace your steps to the transition area where spectators are very welcome to cheer you on.

We hope you enjoy the routes either as an individual or relay.

Registration is up stairs in Wellies cafe. Here you will be issued with your race number, electronic timing chip to be worn on your left ankle and a voucher pack to use around the site.


Once you have finished the first run, the tape will guide you over the timing mats and into the transition area. Collect your bike and run/ walk to the mount line. Please do not mount your bike until you have checked the road for traffic. Do take care and consider other road users. A marshal will be there to assist. At the end of the bike section dismount at the line which is marshaled and cross the road, run/walk your bike into transition. Change into your run clothing and exit transition, following the marshals instructions. Note: You must have your helmet on and fastened at all times when handling your bike. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

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Thank you to our supporters. Audra Banks and her medical team. Greeenlands Farm for their continued support and The Runners Centre Lancaster for providing vouchers and spot prizes.