Kerry Oldfield

My name is Kerry Oldfield, I am a 38 year old estate agent from Morecambe. Having been a swimmer most of my life, swimming is my first love in sport. As I got older I was seeking that next challenge, which is where I considered a triathlon. I joined COLT, (City of Lancaster Triathlon) but did nothing much in the way of competing, however it did introduce me to the three disciplines swim, cycle and run. Over time I found the courage and confidence from this club to try a triathlon. At first I found it quite daunting, although confident at swimming I was now having to cycle and run following a swim. Then there was all the technical stuff, bikes, shoes, kit, transitions. So much to think about as well as doing the event, and time where do I find the time to practice three sports and buy all the kit needed.

I had heard other COLTS mention MyTriEvents. Following a training session I looked online at their website and found that they offer triathlon training days where I found I could ask anything I wanted, no matter how stupid it sounded, they gave me the answers and assured me these are very normal questions. Following this I booked my first event. This was Kendal Sprint Tri 2, the shortest triathlon event, just so I could get a taste of what it was going to be like. I was anxious and felt like a fish out of water but was determined to give it my best shot. Needless to say whether I enjoyed it or not, I have spent the last season competing in sprint triathlons through MyTriEvents and owe a great deal to them for the support they have shown me in this new challenge.

So much so I have found the confidence to take part in two half Ironman competitions, alongside swim events and running events hosted and organized by MyTriEvents. The year 2015 takes me to my biggest ever challenge, an “Ironman”, this is the holy grail of triathlon and my place is booked. Without the support of MyTriEvents and Tasha I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do such an event.