Welcome to Kendal Sprint Triathlon, an event which is attracting both novice and competitive athletes from around the country.

As part of the event build up MyTriEvents have put together a 16 week program for novice triathletes who are completing one of their first triathlons or indeed their very first.

The program is free and although written by qualified triathlon coaches we ask you to take responsibility for your own actions*. If in any doubt over your fitness / health please seek medical clarification before embarking upon this challenge.

Our ultimate aim is to get you all to finish a triathlon and if you enjoy it, that’s a bonus!
Kendal Sprint on 27th September 2015 consists of….

Swim: 400m
Transition 1 (swim/bike)

Bike: 18km
Transition 2 (bike/run)

Run: 5km

* MyTriEvents takes no responsibility for injuries that maybe sustained during the suggested physical exercise.

PROGRAM (maybe subject to change)

—Week 1, Starting Point (Base Point)

—Week 2, Swimming technique & drills by MyTriCoach

—Week 3, Equipment & clothing

—Week 4, Recovery & nutrition by Louise Goddard from The Runners Centre Lancaster

—Week 5, Running technique, posture, breathing & drills by Erica Donnison and MyTriCoach

—Week 6, Cycling techniques & jargon by MyTriCoach

—Week 7, Bike maintenance by The Bike Spanner and MyTriCoach

—Week 8, Run route

—Week 9, Bike route & Looking at brick / transitional sessions with MyTriCoach

—Week 10,  Massage & stretching by Emma Gill Sports Therapy

—Week 11, Event nutrition & fuelling by Louise Goddard from The Runners Centre Lancaster

—Week 12, Basic triathlon rules

—Week 13, Brick sessions with transitions

—Week 14, Route practices

—Week 15, Tapering & preparation

—Week 16, RACE DAY