Kendal Sprint 2 Sunday 24th September 2017

The second Sprint of the season based from Kendal Leisure Centre gives triathletes the opportunity to improve their time set earlier in the season.  Kendal Sprint Triathlon is suitable for both experienced and beginner triathletes. The event has reached maximum capacity for the last few years so early registration is recommended.

Swim 400m 16 lengths

Competitors will be three or four to a lane and will start in the deep end in waves between 08:00 and 11.30. You will be instructed which direction to swim in, anti-clock or clockwise and there will be lane counters to assist in your counting. Your attention will be gained when there is just two lengths remaining. Swimmers will be started 10 seconds apart so it is important you pay attention to your lane position which will be indicated on the start sheet. The female waves start first. Followed by the teams then the male waves all graded upon estimated swim times, please ensure you enter the correct 400m time. Swimmers are reminded to observe lane etiquette and swim considerately.

Please assemble on poolside at the shallow end 15 minutes before your start time where you will be met by myself for the pre-race briefing.

Bike 18km
The course leaves Kendal Leisure Centre and heads on quiet undulating roads out through Natland and Sedgwick completing 2 laps of a 6 km loop before returning the way you went out. The course will be clearly marked with bright florescent signs and marshals posted at various locations. However it is the competitors responsibility to know the course. Competitors are reminded that marshals are unable to stop traffic it is the competitors responsibility to follow and obey the highway code. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Run 5km

The run course is at first a fast flat run out towards Natland, with a slight rise out of Natland before the last (and best) 2km down hill run to the finish line.



Registration will be open from 07:00 in Kendal Leisure Centre in the Longsdale room where you will collect your race number and coloured swim cap. Your timing chip will be given to you on poolside before the race briefing. It is recommended you register an hour before your start time to give yourself time to place items in transition and complete preparations. You will find a designated place in transition which relates to your race number to place bike and required race items.


Once you have finished your 16 lengths you will climb out of the deep end and exit the poolside through the red fire exit door.  Please take care when exiting the poolside as it can get very slippy especially in the later waves and there is a small step near the exit.  The tape will guide you over the timing mats and into the transition area. Collect your bike and run/ walk to the mount line via the zebra crossing. Please  do not mount your bike until you have crossed the zebra crossing and are instructed to ride by a marshal.  At the end of the bike section dismount at the dismount line which is marshaled and run/walk your bike into transition. Change into your run clothing and exit transition, following the marshals instructions. Note: You must have your helmet on and fastened at all times when handling your bike. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

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Course records 

Beau Smith set the standing record on the present course in 2011. 56:19:30

2014 saw the women s record smashed by Pavlina Polackova in a time of 1:03:08

Spot prizes are available to anyone who beats these times.

Please note competitors must be 15 years by the 31st December in the event year.