Coniston Old Man Triathlon

MyTriEvents won’t be hosting the Coniston Weekend activities in 2017 due to a number of reasons. The routes will be kept live and if you complete the challenge do drop us an email and we will add you to our wall of fame for 2017.

We hope to gain support for 2018 so if you know of any local companies looking to support a challenging event do get in touch.

Described on Forums as a must have event on your Triathlon CV the Old Man Triathlon has captured the imagination of hardened athletes who want something more. The growth of tough events and the imaginary race to find the toughest one day challenge has meant that this event has got a core following.  Described by the organisers as one of the very toughest 70.3 in the country it is a pleasure to see so many taking up the challenge and giving it a go. Used by many as training for the monster that is Celtman (even the organiser of the Celtman raced to third place), Norseman, Helvelyn and Wasdale it is a great day out in the National Park.