Wet Suits: Try / Hire / Buy

  • NEW for 2017 wet suit hire available from Mill Yard, Staveley, LA8 9LR.
  • Alternatively £10 per session available from Capernwray Dive Centre, LA6 1AD.

For more information on wet suit hire or purchase please email us. We provide a wet suit fitting service enabling you to purchase with confidence. In the meantime, we’ve answered some of the common questions for you below:

Q: Why wear a wet suit?
A: Wet suits were originally designed to help maintain the swimmers body temperature. It was soon apparent that wet suits did more than this. They increase the buoyancy of the swimmer which in turn makes most swimmers faster. The additional buoyancy is a great safety feature too.

Q: What’s the difference between a recreational sports wet suit and a swimming wet suit?
A: A wet suit designed for swimming assists the swimmer in the water. The neoprene thickness differs in each body zone. For example the rotation of the shoulders needs more flexibility from the suit so at this point the suit is at its thinnest.

Q: Should it be tight?
A: Wet suits are tricky to get on initially but with practice this does get easier. A suit should be snug, not restrictive. What you need to avoid is the suit being too big. If this happens then water continually passes through resulting in a loss of body temperature.

Q: How should I store my wet suit?
A: Wet suits are made of delicate fabric and will tear so you need to store them carefully. Preferably inside out hanging.
Remember to rinse your wet suit after each use to avoid cross contamination.